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Additional Arguments

No Wait

--no-wait is an optional argument which submits the build and returns immediately printing the build artifacts to stdout.

Show Logs

--show-logs is an optional argument to print build logs to stderr, after the build(s), in the event of warnings or errors.

Quiet Mode

Passing -q/--quiet to build will cause tuxsuite to produce minimal output. In particular:

  • Only the final build artifacts URLs will be printed to stdout.
  • No progress information will be printed while waiting for the builds to finish.
  • Warnings and errors, including build failures, will be printed to stderr.
$ tuxsuite build --quiet --git-repo '' --git-ref master --target-arch arm64 --kconfig defconfig --toolchain gcc-9

This is handy for use in automation/CI scripts.


The --json-out \<filename.json\> command-line option accepts a filesystem path, where it will write a status file in json format at the end of a build. The file will contain, for example:

    "build_key": "1oiYvkUr1ctXdkV7KCLZ6320JVw",
    "build_name": "arm64 clang-nightly tinyconfig mainline",
    "build_status": "pass",
    "client_token": "6f288ec4-38aa-4968-8082-04790901fc44",
    "download_url": "",
    "environment": {},
    "errors_count": 0,
    "git_describe": "v5.11",
    "git_ref": "master",
    "git_repo": "",
    "git_sha": "f40ddce88593482919761f74910f42f4b84c004b",
    "git_short_log": "f40ddce88593 (\"Linux 5.11\")",
    "kconfig": [
    "kernel_image": "",
    "kernel_version": "5.11.0",
    "make_variables": {},
    "status_message": "build completed",
    "target_arch": "arm64",
    "targets": [],
    "toolchain": "clang-nightly",
    "tuxbuild_status": "complete",
    "warnings_count": 0


--image-sha is an optional argument which submits the build and instructs tuxbuild to use / pin the container image specified by the complete sha256 of the image. The container image complete sha256 is 64 hexadecimal digits.


--no-cache is an optional argument which performs the build without using any compilation cache.