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Build Name

build-name (or build_name in a build-set) is an optional argument that may be passed in with each build. If supplied, the string will be passed through to the resulting build status.

This is most typically used along with build-sets, to provide human friendly names for various build combinations for reporting purposes.


tuxsuite build

Perform a mainline build with a descriptive build-name.

tuxsuite build \
--git-repo '' \
--git-ref master \
--target-arch arm64 \
--toolchain clang-nightly \
--kconfig tinyconfig \
--build-name "arm64 clang-nightly tinyconfig mainline"

The resulting status.json will have a build_name field with the desired value passed through, excerpted below:

    "build_key": "1oiYvkUr1ctXdkV7KCLZ6320JVw",
    "build_name": "arm64 clang-nightly tinyconfig mainline",
    "build_status": "pass",

tuxsuite build-set

In a build-set, each build can have a build_name.

Given ./example.yaml containing the following:

  - name: example
      - build_name: arm64 gcc-9 defconfig
        target_arch: arm64
        toolchain: gcc-9
        kconfig: defconfig
      - build_name: arm64 gcc-9 tinyconfig
        target_arch: arm64
        toolchain: gcc-9
        kconfig: tinyconfig

Perform the build-set:

tuxsuite build-set \
--git-repo '' \
--git-ref master \
--tux-config example.yaml \
--set-name example

The resulting status.json of each build will have a build_name field in each build result.