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Build Name

build-name is an optional argument that may be passed in with each build. If supplied, the string will be passed through to the resulting build status.


tuxsuite build

Perform a mainline build with a descriptive build-name.

tuxsuite build \
--git-repo '' \
--git-ref master \
--target-arch arm64 \
--toolchain clang-nightly \
--kconfig tinyconfig \
--build-name "arm64 clang-nightly tinyconfig mainline"

The resulting status.json will have a build_name field with the desired value passed through, excerpted below:

    "build_key": "1oiYvkUr1ctXdkV7KCLZ6320JVw",
    "build_name": "arm64 clang-nightly tinyconfig mainline",
    "build_status": "pass",