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toolchain is a required argument, and may be one of the following values:

  • gcc-8
  • gcc-9
  • gcc-10
  • gcc-11
  • gcc-12
  • gcc-13
  • clang-10
  • clang-11
  • clang-12
  • clang-13
  • clang-14
  • clang-15
  • clang-16
  • clang-nightly
  • clang-android
  • rust
  • rustgcc
  • rustclang
  • rustllvm
  • llvm-17
  • llvm-nightly

Most toolschains are obtained from Debian and are updated on the first day of each month, with the following exceptions:

  • clang-nightly and llvm-nightly comes from directly, and is updated daily.
  • clang-android comes from the Android Clang/LLVM Prebuilts repository and is updated monthly.
  • For rust, rustgcc, rustclang and rustllvm, rustc comes as prebuilt binary release from, gcc, clang and llvm comes from Debian, and they are updated monthly.


tuxsuite build

Perform an arm64 tinyconfig build against mainline using the most recent nightly version of Clang.

tuxsuite build \
--git-repo '' \
--git-ref master \
--target-arch arm64 \
--toolchain clang-nightly \
--kconfig tinyconfig