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Make Targets

Make targets are optional positional arguments that can be provided to modify what parts of the source tree are built.

These targets are not the same as targets in tree. Rather, they are TuxMake pseudo targets.

By default, the default target is built, but one or more targets may be specified to modify the default behavior.

Refer to TuxMake documentation for the full description of each target.

The following targets are supported:

  • config
  • debugkernel
  • dtbs
  • kernel
  • modules
  • xipkernel
  • kselftest
  • kselftest-merge
  • cpupower
  • perf

Additional targets will be enabled as needed.


tuxsuite build

Build config and modules (but not a kernel).

tuxsuite build \
--git-repo \
--git-ref master \
--target-arch arm \
--toolchain clang-10 \
--kconfig tinyconfig \
config modules