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Test Status and Result

The API provide two fields for knowing the status and result of a specific test. For details of each individual tests ran during a test, see the results field.


The valid status values are:

  • provisioning - The system is provisioning a device.
  • running - The test is currently running.
  • finished - The test is finished and result are available.
graph TD
  A[provisioning] --> B(running)
  B --> C(finished)


The valid values are

  • unknown - The test isn't finished yet
  • pass - Every tests are passing
  • fail - At least one test failed
  • error - Something went wrong. See the logs
graph TD
  A[unknown] --> B(pass)
  A --> C(fail)
  A --> D(error)


For each individual test ran during a test, the results field will describe the outcome.

The results is a directory where the key is the test name.

The valid values are:

  • pass
  • fail