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Building Mbed-TLS for one configuration

Submit an Mbed-TLS build request using the tuxsuite command line interface. This will wait for the build to complete before returning by default.

git clone
cd tuxsuite
tuxsuite bake submit examples/bitbake/mbed.json

The results (build-definition.json, logs, ...) will be available at artifacts under a unique and non-guessable URL.

Build definition

Mbed-TLS uses build-definition to describe the build:

Using repo

  "container": "tuxbake/mbedtls-ubuntu-16.04",
  "sources": {
    "mbedtls": {
      "url": "",
      "branch": "master",
      "cmds": "ulimit -f 20971520 && export MBEDTLS_TEST_OUTCOME_FILE='outcome.csv' && ./tests/scripts/ --seed 8 build_armcc"

Build definition format

The build definition can include the following fields:

  • sources (dictionary with a single item): should be mbedtls. url, branch or ref can be specified. cmds is the command used to do the specific build.
  • container: Docker container used to do the build. Currently provided containers are tuxbake/mbedtls-ubuntu-16.04, tuxbake/mbedtls-ubuntu-18.04, tuxbake/mbedtls-ubuntu-20.04.


The plan that does all the builds corresponding to CI for mbed-TLS for Linux is available in mbed.yaml

The result of the above plan that has done the full build is available in mbed-results